Meg Ryan

Salon Owner - Hairstylist - Makeup Artist - Babe and Hand Tied Extensions

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     The founder of Bowtique, queen of instinctual updos, and an overall unicorn hair wizard: this is, Meg Ryan! She is pleasant and talented beyond comprehension. This outstanding hairstylist and makeup artist is not afraid to go into uncharted territory, to push the limits, and to take (calculated) risks with your look. She will bring you into a light that you didn't even know you had shining down upon you. She genuinely listens and collaborates with you on her next move to ensure that you'll feel confident and excited about each and every strand or sparkle!


     Along with specializing in wedding hair and makeup, Meg loves to work on photoshoots. As if she wasn't talented enough, she has suitably developed a passion for painting!

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Ayla singer


      One of Bowtique’s original three, Ayla has been here since the very beginning. Having great consultations and getting to know you is super important to her. She is passionate to ensure that she can work well with your hair and have it reflect your personality and lifestyle. She’s supportive when people want to try new things and she’s always ready with advice, no matter how big or small the change is!


     Recently, Ayla just went on a massive soul-search walk (over 600km) through Spain and surrounding countries in Europe. On the flip side, Ayla is a certified yoga instructor that actively encourages living a healthy lifestyle. You can also catch Ayla as the founder of and teacher at Yoga In The Commons!

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maggie matthews


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     Maggie has loved hair and fashion since childhood. It runs through her veins and it’s just who she is. Bowtique scooped her up back in 2013, but we’ll have you know, that she has almost two decades of experience manipulating hair into impressive and fresh creations. She’s a cat you’ll never forget. Multifaceted is the perfect description of her work. Soft, bold, groomed, wild, disconnected, fluid, timeless, and one-of-a-kind outcomes are well within her reach. Her short hair cuts always have strong silhouettes and flattering, personalized edges. Along with that, she loves styling hair for special occasions and a sharp men's cut.


      Besides caring for your hair, Maggie loves to keep active, enjoys decadent vegan food, crafting delicious food creations, and is a huge, HUGE animal lover.

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Alison macaulay

hairstylist - Babe extensions

     Alison embodies a charming, calming nature, and a casual but witty attitude. She's been at the hair game for more than a decade and says she loves to create very natural-looking colours and styles. She’s never one to rush the plan that she has mapped out for your hair or take you down a path she doesn’t feel right about. Oh, and we just know you’ll be impressed with her impeccable and skilled foiling technique. Never contrived, her hair colours are always full of soft dimension and have beautiful visual balance and flow.

     When we asked Alison what she’s into, besides hair, she said,  “I spend my time on sports, makeup, my dog, my family… and wine!”

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tara flemming

hairstylist - hand tied extensions

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     Tara is the sweetest and most genuine of souls. She is an excellent listener and loves helping people feel confident about themselves inside and out. When it comes to her favourites, blondes rank high on her list of talents. Don’t let that fool you though, she is incredibly versatile. Coppers, reds, brunettes, and pastels that range from short to long, classic to modern, and even a little wild are within her clientele!

     When Tara's not working her magic in the salon, she is building her Younique makeup brand and being a hard-working and loving mom, wife, and dog-mom! 

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allie dibenedetto


     Allie absolutely loves working with long hair and hair colouring. She listens intently and takes the responsibility of your hair very seriously. She is constantly aspiring to take her craft to the next level of perfection and will work diligently to reach your hair goals, while never sacrificing the health of your hair! When you reach your hair goals she will even show you the ropes for keeping it looking fresh on the day-to-day. She’ll teach you all about the right products to use and how to achieve your dream style at home!

     Allie is a cool, laid-back chick who enjoys reading, her pets, and hanging out with friends while she's not working at the salon!

For bookings with Allie, please email

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rachel potvin


     Precision and detail dominate all that Rachel does! With a background in Interior Design and a major soft spot for fashion, she will keep your hair modern, timeless, well-balanced, and soft like velvet. Natural-looking, rich hair colours run the show here. She is not one for pretentious looks but she will certainly have your hair looking brilliant and effortless, with just a touch of drama!

     To kick off 2019 we were lucky enough to scoop up this beautiful catch as our Salon Manager too. Rachel was a natural fit for the role with her attention to detail, and level of sweetness and care that she has for all of our clients. Recently, in the fall of 2019, she announced she's a mom-to-be; congrats, Rachel! 

For bookings with Rachel, please email

New! Please note that Rachel goes on parental leave as of February 6th, 2020

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erin kaulback

hairstylist - makeup artist

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     Erin started out in the beauty industry doing makeup and naturally transitioned into the hair game. When glamming up our Bowtique clients, she specializes in bridal and event makeup. In terms of hair, she LOVES big projects: major colour corrections, transformations, multi-session colours, she really loves a challenge! She is all about silver linings and making her clients' hair dreams come true, even when it seems miles away from what they're rocking currently!


     On Erin's day off you can catch her brushing up on new hair techniques and skills. This little number is keen to stay up to date on the latest and greatest; moreover, she is a born shopper. Often seen spending money with a cup of good coffee in hand!

For bookings with Erin, please email

monique ryan

makeup artist

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     The passion for makeup and the beauty industry runs deep in the family, as Monique is the sister of Bowtique's founder, Meg Ryan!  Monique and Meg make an excellent team, both in the salon and on-site, and the pair can be booked for hair and makeup for weddings and special events. Monique specializes in soft bridal and glamorous looks for special events or prom; otherwise, she's been known to master wildly creative looks for photoshoots and halloween, to name a few!


     Outside of doing makeup, Monique is also a talented dancer, circus artist, as well as founder and fitness instructor at Serpentine Studios!

For bookings with Monique, please email

alicia mcvarnock

makeup artist

     Alicia embraced the makeup community by becoming an MUA directly from high school. From there, she worked with Clinique, and then MAC, honing in on her expertise. She's travelled nationally in order to gain new skills and experience in her field. Currently, she stays up-to-date with what's on-trend and hot in the industry. She specializes in bridal and special event glam looks; additionally, she enjoys working on photoshoots and using makeup to enhance her clients' natural beauty!


     Outside of the salon, Alicia enjoys hiking trails in Halifax with her 'Olde English Bulldogge,' Blue. She's currently getting her Masters degree in psychology at Saint Mary's University, following her completion of a B.A. with high honours. We're lucky to have this one on our team, she's extraordinarily beautiful and smart!

For bookings with Alicia, please email

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elle munster

microblading technician - makeup artist - BROW HAIR LIFTING

     Outrageously talented and versatile, Elle can make absolutely any makeup dream your new reality. This is the artist you need to get the finest microbladed brows in the city. Her hyper-natural strokes will cause jaws to drop when your friends can't tell what's a microbladed hair, and what's a real hair. Curious?! Come in for a free consultation and learn more about how to get flawless brows all day, every day; or if you're feeling adventurous try her new 'natural' face and body freckles!

     Not only is Elle amazing in-salon, but she's in high demand outside of salon too. Catch her working special events, or check out her published work and personal modelling in magazines!

For bookings with Elle, please email

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melanie klussman


     Melanie has been a treasured friend and client since the beginning of Bowtique back in 2012. After two years of being in business, she jumped at the opportunity to join our part-time reception team, and spend even more time with all of the girls at the salon! She is a friendly and caring people person; she enjoys interacting with clients and helping to create the best salon experience possible!


     Outside of the hustle and bustle of the salon, Melanie enjoys time spent exercising, dining, and being a doting dog-mom!